Your Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Solution

The amount of media that organizations produce in the current digital era is growing at an exponential rate. The need to efficiently manage this content—which includes everything from photos and documents to audio and video recordings—has never been this crucial. Unlock the power of efficient digital asset management with Vaultlattice! Sign up today and experience the ultimate solution to streamline your digital workflows like never before.


What is Vaultlattice?

Vaultlattice provides a safe, centralized repository housed in your personal AWS or Azure cloud account. Vaultlattice is your one-stop shop for organizing, maintaining, and getting access to all kinds of digital files. It enables enterprises to benefit from scalability and accessibility without having to invest in expensive hardware or IT infrastructure by utilizing cloud storage.

Why Choose Vaultlattice?

Vaultlattice expands along with your company. Regardless of your size—a small startup or a large enterprise—our platform adapts to your changing needs with ease.
Ditch the headache of juggling media files on several systems. Your digital assets can be accessed and organized with ease using Vaultlattice's unified interface, which guarantees fast and simple retrieval whenever you need it.
With Vaultlattice's user-friendly sharing features, you can promote collaboration and optimize workflows. Our platform makes it easy for your team to collaborate on your content, even if they are dispersed across several departments or locations.
With Vaultlattice's strong security measures, you can safeguard your priceless assets. You can feel secure knowing that your data is protected from breaches and unwanted access. Thanks to features like audit trails, access controls, and encryption.
Use the built-in compliance features of Vaultlattice and stay in compliance with industry standards and regulations. From GDPR to HIPAA, our platform helps you adhere to data privacy and security requirements effortlessly.

Who Can Benefit from Vaultlattice?

Vaultlattice caters to organizations of all sizes and industries, including:

  • Marketing Agencies: Streamline campaign management and asset distribution.
  • Media Production Companies: Simplify media storage and collaboration among teams.
  • Educational Institutions: Centralize educational resources and facilitate remote learning.
  • Healthcare Providers: Ensure patient data confidentiality
  • Legal Firms: Manage case files and sensitive legal documents securely.

With Vaultlattice, we save an estimated 5 hours a week per person that used to be spent fiddling around finding the right document or file.

Aparna Vinod | Founder, Igloopupa